School of Information Sciences


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The courses offered are as follows:

Degree Programmes

  • BSc. Information Sciences
Requirements: minimum mean grade of C+ at KCSE with a C(plain) in Maths and English/Kiswahili or A to year KNEC Diploma pass holders, IMIS Diploma holders or Any other diploma from a recognized institution

(admission requirements to 2nd year of study). Two year KNEC Diploma with a distinction or credit in any Information Science related field or 2 year Kenya Polytechnic Diploma or 3 year KIMC Diploma or 2P passes at A level with credit in English/Kiswahili & Maths at O level or IMIS Higher Diploma or any other diploma recognized by the Senate.
  • BSc Media Science
Requirements: KCSE grade C+ and at least B in English and B‐ in Kiswahili, C in Maths, at least B‐ in other subjects in groups III & IV or Diploma in Journalism, Public Relations, IT or Human Resource Development.

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in IT
Requirements: KCSE grade C with credit in both Maths and English. Diplomas in areas other than Information Technology. KCE Division II or any other equivalent. Certificate in Information Technology. At least two years relevant working experience.